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5 reasons to buy home insurance

 Insurance helps protect your family, home and personal possessions. Do you have questions about hiring this service? Check out 5 strengths you might not know about him.


Finding a place to live, whether rented or owned, is a big step in anyone’s life. But have you ever thought about making your space more immune to everyday unforeseen events?

That’s what home insurance does. In addition to coverage that can help you replace property, repair or renovate your home in the event of an accident, it can also cover expenses not included in your budget.


Check out the top 5 benefits an insurance policy can bring to you and your family:

1. Protection for your home

In the past year, due to the current situation – many people are living more indoors – the demand for home insurance has increased in the country. Searches for the service grew 6.1% in 2020, according to the National Insurance Federation. But why is it so important?

Antonio Carlos Costa , president of the Insurance Union of Rio de Janeiro and Espírito Santo, answered the question: “In Brazil, we have about 70 million households. Of these, 10 million have home insurance, that is, only a small percentage of the population However, we have noticed in the last year that developments in this area are very important for our society, as we are not just talking about a good thing, but a home , a place with family, a place where friends and neighbors live together.”


José Varanda , Coordinator of the Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration at the Escola Nacional de Seguros, added: “Home insurance is very important because it offers wide coverage and, for apartments, it complements condominium insurance.

People who take out home insurance can be confident that if a covered claim occurs, they will not be left without service and will receive a lost or damaged replacement and, in the case of assistance insurance, a reference to the insurer with which you have a claim. emergency contract • The service provider will deal with the situation in a timely manner.”

2. Liability and Property Coverage

In addition to the basic coverage commonly known as fire insurance – which also covers certain types of explosions such as a plane crash, lightning strike, pressure cooker or cell phone – there is also so-called secondary coverage, depending on where the policy is purchased. where it is located and what kind of property it is. Therefore, if it is a house or apartment, this availability may vary.


Renato Bisconsin Figueiredo da Cruz, coordinator of asset business strategy at Seguros Unimed, exemplifies some of them: the damage that can occur is related to the balconies. However, in the case of hail, in the house, it can also end up damaging the interior.”

The second largest contract after fire insurance is electrical damage insurance, which is not only related to weather events but also possible damage to electronic equipment in the home. “It is designed to cover damage that can happen to electronic equipment in the home, everything that is connected to electrical wiring,” added the expert.

The next Cruz cited were reports of robbery and theft. “It encompasses all elements taken or dismissed by criminals”, she emphasized.

In this list, we may include stories that focus on broken glass, lost rent or rent payments to third parties, etc.

Finally, Renato Cruz reinforces an insurance that may not be as well known as the others, but is also extremely important: Family Civil Liability – intended to indemnify bodily or material damages caused involuntarily to third parties: Civil liability insurance is not limited to to your property, but applies to the entire national territory. So if you’re walking around the mall and when you walk into a repair shop and you end up breaking something, you’re going to be compensated.”

3. General assistance

Among the many coverages that the insured can count on, there is also general assistance that can help in various day-to-day situations.

José Varanda lists some of them: “Insurers also offer residential insurance coverage options with a variety of services such as: locksmiths, repairs of white goods equipment such as computers, laptops and peripherals, electricians, plumbers, gas and many other complementary services” .

4. Peace of mind for your home

Securing your home provides tranquility and peace of mind, whether it’s an apartment or a house.

Antonio Costa has some tips for those looking for this service: “There are a variety of residential products on the market, so it is important to seek help from an insurance broker when hiring. The insurance can be home or condo, depending on what each insurance company accepts the Rules, may include vacation homes in addition to the usual property.”

5. Great value for money

And, despite what many may think, buying home insurance is not expensive and can still make up for its cost-effectiveness. “Despite the high value of coverage, home insurance is not expensive insurance. For example, when you buy auto insurance, you usually pay three thousand reais to cover a thirty thousand reais car. On the other hand, residential insurance is paid in monthly installments ranging from 20 to 30 reais, depending on the composition of the contract coverage, to insure the goods, sometimes 500 thousand reais or more”, concludes Renato Cruz.

With all these benefits listed, insuring your home is not an option but a necessity.

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