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The 10 benefits of home insurance

Anyone who owns a home, or even rents it out, knows that protecting it is essential. Whether it’s an apartment or a house, unexpected events can occur such as burst pipes, electrical problems, fires, storms and other conditions that cause damage. Therefore, residential insurance is a great investment, as it offers protection in various situations and brings peace of mind to the insured.

For those who are not familiar with this product, residential insurance is a protection for contracted residences. This insurance includes several coverages that benefit the residence in the event of unforeseen circumstances covered by the policy. Therefore, when hiring, it is very important to talk to your agent and ask all your needs.


Below we list 10 benefits of home insurance so you can get an idea of ​​the importance of renting the product and protecting your home. Output check!

Hire the benefits of your home insurance now!

1. Variety of coverages

When looking for Home Insurance, the insured has a huge variety of coverages to choose from. The most common are:

  • Fire, lightning, explosion; 
  • Robbery and theft ;
  • Electrical damage;
  • Civil responsability;
  • damage to windows;
  • Impact of automobiles or planes;
  • Gale, hail and tornado

These and other insurances offer several possibilities to protect your home. With so many options, it’s easy to get protection for all your needs – and that applies to any type of property: from apartments to vacation homes. There is insurance for all types of housing.

2. Customize the plan based on your residency profile

Home insurance is a customizable product when choosing coverage. When hiring, adapt it to your property. Example: If you have an outdoor area in your home, you can rent garden damage insurance. If you live in a rental property, including damage insurance and rent payments is a good idea.

There are several possibilities to adjust home insurance to suit your primary needs.

3. Emergency care and emergency services


In addition to the various coverages that the product offers, home insurance also allows for the inclusion of assistance and emergency services to help you with common problems that may occur on a daily basis.

For example, what if a pipe in your house bursts? Or if your shower burns? Or even if you’re stuck outside because you forgot your keys? In all these cases, you can also trigger home insurance! These are called emergency assistance and services, and you can include them in your policy.

You can also turn to electronics and appliance repairs, glass repairs, electricians, appliance installations, call centers and services like drain cleaning, tile replacement and tank cleaning.


Here is a list of the main assistance and emergency services available under home insurance:

  • Keychain;
  • Electrician;
  • Glazier;
  • Plumber;
  • home appliance repair;
  • Electronics repair;
  • Help Desk.

    4. Fast compensation in case of claims

Nobody expects to go through a serious situation at home, but unfortunately, we are all affected by it. Home insurance payments are not bureaucratic and time consuming if an accident occurs in your home and there are provisions in your policy such as an explosion, fire or theft.

All insurance companies have a period of up to 30 calendar days at SUSEP to pay the indemnity after the insured submits all the correct documents. If all documents submitted are correct, you will receive the principal amount of the contract within 30 calendar days.

5. Affordable contracting price

Many people mistakenly compare auto insurance with home insurance in terms of value. Unlike auto insurance, which costs an average of 5% to 10% of the value of a vehicle, home insurance typically does not cover 1% of the value of a property.

Think about it, when simulating the insured value of an apartment in downtown Rio de Janeiro, a year is worth 175 reais. For a house in the capital of Rio de Janeiro, the simulated price is 411 reais. These amounts include fire coverage (R$200,000), electrical damage (R$5,000), theft (R$5,000) and storms (R$5,000).

6. Ease of payment

Another important point when we talk about hiring home insurance is the ease of payment. Conditions vary according to each insurer, as each has its own rules, but as Minuto Seguros works with several insurers, we can offer a variety of options that are sure to be within the reach of what you are looking for. Boleto, transfer, credit card, installment, cash, etc.

7. Tranquility and protection for those who hire

Financially speaking, our home is probably the most valuable asset we own. If we insure our cars and it becomes a habit over time, why not do the same for our homes? For example, serious repairs such as fires can be very expensive. They can be avoided with insurance.

Being calm and carefree in all situations is the feeling of security that only home insurance can give you.

8. Peace of mind for worry-free travel

When the holidays or long vacations arrive, there is always this concern: are we really going to travel for a few weeks and then leave the house alone?

Home insurance also allows residents to enjoy travel or time away from home without having to worry about possible theft, theft, electrical damage, etc., and can focus all their energies on resting.

9. Excellent cost-benefit ratio

If all the services available during the term of the policy are considered, it is close to what residential insurance offers, with practically zero cost.

In some of the simulations we did at Minuto Seguros, home insurance for a home worth 150,000 reais is no more than 350 reais per year, or less than 1 reais per day, depending on some factors in the quote!

For example, if you need insurance coverage because of a burst pipe, leak, electrician, locksmith or any of these professionals, your investment has already been worth it. Not to mention the possible accidents to which no one else is immune.

10. Ease of hiring a Home Insurance

Buying home insurance is easy and hassle-free. Just know a few details about where to live and how to pay, and your home is protected in no time.

Want to budget for your house or apartment? Get in touch with Minuto Seguros, the largest online brokerage company in Brazil today. We work with the best insurance companies on the market. With this, we guarantee a proposal suitable to your needs.

To sign a home insurance contract with Minuto, simply fill out our online form and click the button below to request a quote. If you wish, call toll free 0800 773 3000 and speak with one of our consultants.

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