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Life insurance benefits

Have you ever wondered how many times we don’t think about the benefits of life insurance? After all, when people make large investments, like buying an expensive car or a house, it’s not uncommon for them to take out insurance to keep those assets safe. However, if we care so much about our material possessions, why don’t we always place the same emphasis on our bodily integrity?


This is because people are often unaware of the benefits that life insurance can provide and, therefore, do not give due importance to what will protect you and your family in case the unforeseen happens. If you want to know more about life insurance and its benefits, follow our post with all the details. Look!

The importance of life insurance

When we talk about life insurance, most people still associate the product only with death. What many people don’t know is that most coverage for this type of insurance is lifetime. In fact, it protects your income in the event of illness or an unexpected accident. For those with financial dependencies, such as children and beneficiaries, life security benefits help maintain the family’s financial standards until it can rebalance itself financially to continue paying for children’s security, healthcare, education, and other needs. This guarantees quality of life – whatever happens.

7 benefits of life insurance


Now that you know the importance of having life insurance, let’s address some of the benefits that insurance provides.

1. Financial protection

Just as car insurance protects a car in the event of an accident or theft, life insurance offers financial protection in the event of life’s unforeseen events. This protection benefits both the life insurance policyholder and their family members. That’s why life insurance is so important for good financial planning.

2. Peace of mind for the insured

Another benefit of life insurance is the peace of mind that, in the event of a fatality, your family will receive financial support to recover without relying on others. In addition, the insured person can count on compensation if, at some point in his life, the insured person is canceled due to serious illness or accident. Of course, no one likes to think about this situation, however, knowing that you are fully covered by insurance will give you peace of mind.

3. Spouse protection


Usually, husband and wife share a fixed fee. Therefore, when an unforeseen event occurs for one of them, such as an illness or accident, the income of the other can be greatly affected.

Furthermore, in a delicate moment, it may be necessary to resort to psychological support or hire someone to take care of the child, etc., which demands more financial resources. There’s nothing more comforting than making sure a loved one doesn’t run out of financial resources at a time like this. It is comforting to know that the person you have dedicated your life to will be able to move forward financially in peace.

4. Critical illness coverage

When a person becomes ill, other family members get involved and even help pay for the treatment. Because even with a good health plan, we don’t always expect a caregiver plan, differentiated food, high-cost medications, or even rental of specific equipment for this condition. Being able to count on Porto Seguro Vida Critical Illness Insurance makes all the difference in this moment of transition to recovery. Porto Seguro Vida covers 16 serious illnesses and 11 transplants. Useful in difficult times to not harm your finances.

5. Payment of per diems for absence from work


In the event of an accident or illness that makes it impossible for the insured person to work, the coverage guarantees the payment of a daily rate of up to 01 year, which helps to maintain the income while the person is disabled. This type of coverage is called DIT – Temporary Daily Disability. Due to covered illnesses and accidents, daily rates are paid based on the contracted amount from the 11th day of leave.

In this way, the insured can receive compensation without affecting the payment of expenses. This is fundamental, especially for self-employed people who normally do not have income in this situation.

6. Major

This insurance is taken out together with coverage for total or partial disability due to an accident. It ensures that for affected members, the insured person receives 100% of the disability insurance contract value. Important for anyone who depends on this limb for work, such as surgeons and their hands.

Loss of use of one of these indicators, loss of vision in one eye, or even loss of coverage in a thumb can all add up.

7. Cost-effective

Life insurance is often excellent value for money, especially considering the amount of benefits it offers.

From R$10.00 per month, Porto Seguro Vida can be rented online with basic coverage. But the ideal is to combine the toppings according to each person’s needs. It is important to include critical illness coverage if the person has a family history of serious illness and you are self-employed, temporary disability coverage, etc.

Do you know the importance of life insurance?

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