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Maternity Travel Insurance

International travel insurance is an important item to consider when planning a trip to another country. It is essential to purchase travel insurance for pregnant women.


Can you imagine being sick in another country and still being in a hurry to understand how the health system works there?

Not to mention the values… for example, in the USA, healthcare is very expensive and there are no public services. So if you don’t have excellent travel insurance in the US, you could run out of money there!


If it was a prudent decision under normal circumstances, then when it comes time to get pregnant, maternity travel insurance becomes indispensable!

The consequences of health complications in this situation are more serious than in people who are not in the same situation; so now is not the time to take risks: invest in great maternity travel insurance!

Is pregnant travel insurance mandatory?

Pregnant travel insurance is not mandatory because the woman is pregnant, but it depends on the destination of the trip.


We know that travel insurance is mandatory as a mandatory item in the Schengen Treaty member states. In addition to them, Cuba and Venezuela are also on this list.

However, even going to a place that doesn’t require insurance, I personally think it’s crazy not to have insurance because anything that can happen will cost you money. We can be very careful during pregnancy, so why risk leaving the house, right? !

How to choose the best maternity travel insurance?

Most travel insurance has coverage of EUR 30,000 or USD 10,000. However, it is necessary to understand the contract, to verify if it applies to pregnant women.


This may seem obvious, but many plans do not cover medical expenses for pregnant women, or only cover non-pregnancy-related conditions such as the flu or a broken foot.

Keep in mind that if a woman gives birth and is at risk of miscarriage or other complications due to pregnancy, insurance will not cover and the loss can be substantial.

Therefore, it is very important to look for maternity travel insurance that really meets the pregnant woman in all situations that may occur during pregnancy, whether or not because of this.

Having taken 3 big trips in 2 pregnancies: USA, Canada and Southeast Asia, always great travel insurance and high coverage for pregnant women, can you imagine any health complications from being so far from home? Fortunately, everything went well!

Therefore, the value of travel insurance during pregnancy is also very important, and it is interesting for pregnant women to opt for insurance with a higher insured value.

That’s because pregnancy complications can be more expensive than normal hospitalization, for example, if the baby is born prematurely and the baby has to stay in the hospital for a few days, bills can go up! Just to give you an idea, emergency childbirth in the US can be worth around $50,000.

Pranks on travel insurance for pregnant women

Another point to note is the pregnancy coverage period.

Let’s assume that the trip lasts a month and a half and the pregnant woman starts in the fifth month of pregnancy. Travel insurance must cover the expenses of the pregnant woman until at least the 7th month of pregnancy, which is the period of gestation in which the woman completes the trip.

Pay attention to your gestational age

One more problem: companies that offer travel insurance for pregnant women do not cover the entire pregnancy, that is, up to 40 weeks. They have restrictions like:

  • up to 28 weeks (Assist Card),
  • up to 32 weeks (GTA, April Coris, Intermac Assistance)
  • up to 34 weeks (Travel Ace)

Check the age limit for coverage for pregnant women

In addition, there is still a limit to the age of pregnant women, which can reach 40 years in most cases.

The exceptions in this case are Intermac Assistance and April, which can cover up to 45, and Assist Card, which doesn’t mention limitations (at least I didn’t find any).

Credit card insurance does not cover pregnant women

If you have a credit card that offers travel insurance, be aware if you are traveling pregnant, as they do not offer travel insurance for pregnant women. So forget it, get a quote and buy the best fertility travel insurance you can afford.

Premature baby

In addition to the above, another thing you need to be aware of is whether and for how long the maternity travel insurance you are buying will cover premature babies.

Some insurers cover accidents during pregnancy but not childbirth or babies, so check everything in your policy.

Take advantage of the abuse of the chat there to ask your questions when you make an offer on the Seguros Promo website.

How much does maternity travel insurance cost?

The good news is that travel insurance for pregnant women is not more expensive than others. In fact, it is a common insurance that covers medical care for maternity. Just be careful with the gestational age games, your age and coverage values ​​when you travel so you don’t have surprises.

That said, here’s how to buy cheap travel insurance, pregnant or not, as these tips apply to everyone.

Just to give you an idea of ​​the value, below we have comparative quotes between 4 insurance companies that cover pregnant women for a 10-day trip to Europe. As you can see, this is not far-fetched:


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