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7 Benefits of Hiring a Premium Health Plan

When looking for a health plan, our priority is to combine quality with cost-effectiveness, as these services are relatively expensive. However, there is a category of customers who are willing to pay higher prices for the best coverage and exclusive services, and for them there are premium health plans.


For those who are still new to this type of product, we at Zelas Saúde have prepared a complete guide with everything you need to know. We separate the best operators and differentials for you, count on VIP treatment in addition to the safety of health insurance.

What is a premium health plan?

The term premium health plan is used to refer to the best plan offered by a carrier or insurer.


Even better, it means having an accredited network with the best hospitals, services often not offered by traditional insurance and captive doctors.

Premium plans certainly offer differentiated treatment, but for beneficiaries, this feature doesn’t come cheap. These plans are the best value, and prices are often high, even on the most basic options and lower age groups.

What are the benefits of a premium health plan?

Because of the higher cost, premium plans offer their beneficiaries a number of advantages. Output check:

1. High quality accredited network


In general, senior health plans have the best hospitals in their accredited network. They are state-of-the-art institutions with national and international accreditation and a medical team recognized for excellence.

When looking for these products, it is not uncommon for customers to seek services at places such as Hospital Sírio-Libanês or Hospital Albert Einstein in Israel.

Check out our list of the 14 best hospitals in São Paulo and their respective programs.

2. Convenience


Advanced health plans are designed to provide more and more comfort to their beneficiaries, so it is common that they do not even need to travel to get some services.

Some examples include couriers to pick up your documents during a refund request, home collection for exams, concierge staff to assist you with any questions or appointments, and a dedicated customer relationship channel.

3. Speed ​​and security

With the premium plan, you will receive prompt care from the best specialists in case of an emergency and use your own modern vehicle, including not only ambulances, but also jets and helicopters.

In addition, the transport is equipped with the best structures and a team ready to serve you in the most diverse situations.

4. Differentiated coverage

Premium plans provide coverage far beyond the mandatory requirements on the ANS program list. Some of these additional coverages include vaccinations, transplants, what’s on the list, and annual check-ups at the best hospitals and top professionals in the country.

5. Refund amounts

If you have a trusted doctor who has been taking care of your family for years but doesn’t accept your health plan, know that there are other options.

Reimbursement for out-of-network counseling is not a unique feature of premium health plans, but the amount is significantly higher compared to regular plans.

Know that in simple procedures such as consultation, this refund can vary between 800 reais and 1000 reais in certain categories.

6. Rear Coverage

The most reputable hospitals have a support team of specialists known for their excellence, who are not regular employees, but guests of the hospital.

Most health plans do not cover hospital back-up professionals, except in the premium category. That way, you’ll have the best experts at your service at no extra cost.

7. International coverage

In addition to covering the best hospitals in the country, the premium plan also works as an international health plan.

That way, you don’t have to worry about purchasing travel insurance when traveling abroad, as the coverage is very complete, offering assistance in case of lost luggage, as well as medical services.

Who should buy a premium health plan?

Before purchasing a premium health plan, it is important to consider whether you really need such comprehensive coverage because it is an expensive product.

If it still seems like a worthwhile investment, there are plan options on the market that differ in price, coverage, service, and cashback amount. Choose the one that best fits your needs.

What are the top premium health plans?

If you intend to hire a premium health plan, these are the operators that sell the best products in this segment:

1. Amil One

Amil One only offers 6 premium product plans with a wide range of pricing options and features, which is a big differentiator.

As a negative point, it is worth noting that, although there are additional services, such as vaccines, there are no hospitals like Albert Einstein in its accredited network.

2. Omint

Omint is probably one of the most cited carriers when it comes to premium health insurance, and its success is based on proven quality and service to its beneficiaries.

There are 6 options, all in the premium segment, with numerous benefits offering competitive cashback value, family counseling and wellness coaching.

3. Bradesco Saúde

Bradesco Saúde has a limited range of high-end products, offering only two plan options, Bradesco Nacional Plus and Bradesco Premium.

Prices are quite high for the younger group and Bradesco Premium cannot be contracted with copays. However, both offer truly differentiated coverage, with some of the best hospitals and services in the country.

4. SulAmérica Saúde

SulAmérica Wellness Plan There is only one wellness plan that can be classified as Premium, the SulAmérica Prestige.

This option also has a great value and cannot be contracted with copays, but it has reputable hospitals in its accredited network and other benefits, such as being able to consult in the comfort of your home.


There is only one option for GNDI that falls into the advanced category, the GNDI Infinity 1000.

Although GNDI is more affordable compared to competitors and the same hospital network, it has deficiencies in some uses, one of which is reimbursement, which is relatively low compared to some of its main competitors.

Taking out a premium health plan can mean very high costs, but if you’re willing to pay those costs, you’ll get the most complete coverage a health plan can offer.

With so many options, it’s hard to choose which one is right for you, isn’t it? In order not to go wrong, consult our health plan specialists and find options that suit your profile.

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